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Translucent is a healthcare and benefits partner that delivers employers unmatched care for their employees at 20-40% of the cost, by providing the tools, support, and guidance needed for ground-breaking change.

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We help providers determine and create their best benefit offerings for employers that not only reduce employer costs but increase provider revenue.

Our team of industry experts works with providers to effectively manage the financial elements of their business and successfully market their products and services.

The health benefits industry has trained us to expect less for more every year. Translucent offers a drastically different model. Healthcare innovation has arrived.   


We help employers gain financial control of their healthcare spend by transforming their benefit structure and eliminating unnecessary layers that add costs and inefficiencies. 

Healthcare doesn’t have to be misleading and confusing. Our team works with employers to simplify, improve, and unbundle benefit models in order to give employers transparent insight into their healthcare spend.

It’s time to provide care for employee health with direct, clear, helpful offerings that are financially sound and cost conscious.

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We help associations build offerings for their members that simplify the complexity of benefit models.  Our team focuses on architecting products for associations that reduce member costs and keep members healthy.  

Associations and members don’t have to pay never-ending plan increases every year. We work with associations to disaggregate their healthcare products and build the most valuable and needed benefit options, so members pay for the coverage they need and the services they use.


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