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Translucent architects best-in-class healthcare models for employees and delivers unprecedented financial control to organizations. As a leading provider of healthcare consulting, we deliver superior employee benefits while securing significant cost savings for employers.

You deserve more

Better healthcare shouldn’t cost more money. Employers deserve more financial control and employees deserve access to best-in-class health services.

Employers and employees have a right to greater transparency and accountability in the benefit process.

Tired of your annual 8% benefits cost increase? 

We are too, and we have the solution.

Translucent custom

solutions support

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Remove uncertainty.
Increase revenue.
Maximize your offerings.

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Stop overpaying.
Improve benefit options.
Maximize employee health.
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Reduce member costs.
Deliver best-in-class benefits.
Maximize member wellness.

Transform your company’s healthcare today!

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It’s time to eliminate healthcare waste, fraud, and financial abuse. It’s time to care for people the way they are meant to be cared for. It’s time to stop settling for rising healthcare costs and reduced benefits. At Translucent we don’t just believe there’s a better way, we know there’s a better way because we’ve built it.”

—Ashleigh Gunter, President – Translucent


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